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Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

Pruning is the process of removing select branches from a tree. Proper pruning is essential in developing a healthy tree with a strong structure and desirable form. Trees that receive pruning care while they're young will require little corrective pruning when they mature.

Why you should have your tree's Pruned.

  • For healthy trees! - Prune a tree to establish good branch spacing and structure, and one central trunk.
  • For safety - Heavy tree limbs can break crushing down on anything under them cars, people, animals, and your house. The high winds in Bakersfield can easily cause this to happen.
  • For aesthetics - A well maintained tree looks nice and adds lots of value to your property

Depending on your goals, a number of pruning options are available.

Tree Thinning

Maintains the tree's natural shape but removes foliage throughout. A good option for improving your view without sacrificing your trees shape.

Tree Skirting

Removes the lower limbs of the tree. Also a good choice for enhancing views. This is also a good idea if you need to mow the lawn under under your tree.

Tree Windowing

Removes branches from in front of windows, improving your view.